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How to put together imaginative personalized Easter baskets

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Who wants one of those pre-packaged cellophaned Easter baskets that have the same old over-sized chocolate bunny and colored jelly beans? Those see-through stand-byes are not the personalized creative baskets that kids would most like to receive. Certainly, the size of a large capacity basket matters to most kids (for collecting those hidden goodies during the Easter egg hunt) but it's what's inside when they receive it that will make the best memories. Here's some ideas for some creative baskets for all ages! Remember that Easter baskets do not have to be all bunnies and flowers. Choose a basket type and decorate it accordingly. Oh yes, and don't forget the adults!


  • Think about their favorite activity
Does your little girl dream of having a horse? Why not create a horse-themed Easter basket? A small pink pail/bucket and straw "hay" stuffed with horse related items is just the thing. A pink pony necklace  or a flashing blinking horse pin would put a smile on any girl's face. Finish it off with cute novelty marshmallow candy in the shape of carrots.


  • Rough and ready boys Easter baskets
For the boys, the guys might enjoy a dinosaur- or sports-themed basket. For the sports fan, a bamboo basket and Easter grass in his favorite team's color(s) will show team spirit. Cut some of the team's pictures or logos and attach to the outside of the basket. Team colors glow sticks would delight any boy. And what boy doesn't like dinosaurs? A dark green bamboo basket with brown grass would be the perfect "nest" for his light up dinosaur shaped bubble gun! Surround his dino with chocolate "eggs."


  • Sweet pink dreams girls Easter baskets
If your little girl is all things pink and dainty, cloth baskets lined with pink tulle and a huge pink ribbon is what they dream of. Fairy wands and pink headbands are perfect for the little fairy in your life. For the princesses, feathery crown tiaras and glitter butterfly wands are great! In either case, color changing hair clips are always a good choice.


    • Fun finicky tween's Easter basket

    Even tweens want to get in on the action at Easter. They won't tell you, of course, but they haven't quite grown out of the kid's delight of receiving an Easter basket. For the quirky tweens, keep the baskets from being too cutesy. Use a brightly colored gift bag with their name on it. Stuff it with fun items like a light up mini rabbit ears headbands or LED ribbon hair extensions. Light up jewelry like a color changing butterfly necklace or cross is a winner.

    • Grown-up Easter baskets
    Most adults are still a kid at heart and would love to receive a unique basket of their own. A wicker or metal-like basket works for adult Easter baskets. Fill it with translucent grass. Adding light up color changing flowers or flashing jewelry like pink LED faux diamond earrings make an enchanting basket. Add a bottle or two of rose wine.


    So, no matter what the age, everyone can enjoy a personalized Easter basket. Determine your theme and let your imagination go wild. Aspire for the best, most creative baskets for your loved ones!


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