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Pointers for a standout Graduation ceremony and after parties

Posted by Mark Cohen on

It's not too early to start thinking about graduations - it's right around the corner. Students are always trying to think of a way to stand out at their graduation ceremony and the parties afterwards. Parents want a way to easily see their child in the sea of black caps and gowns. Flashing or blinking necklaces, pins or other items are an ideal way to stand out in the crowd.

1) Wear a flashing Graduation Year necklace

Be proud of your graduation year! Last New Year's necklaces are perfect for graduation dates this year, and more than likely will be easy to find. There are always plenty of timely items that can be used for graduations throughout the year.

2) Attach a blinking pin to the top of your graduation cap

Looking down in the masses of graduates at a large graduation ceremony and trying to pick out your graduate can be daunting. Having a blinking pin on the top of the graduation cap can be one way to differentiate your graduate from the rest. Far from the days when a simple flower attached to the cap was enough when there were far fewer in the graduating class, a flashing pin is a huge help!

3) Bring festive Graduation balloons for after the ceremony

Once the ceremony is over, the profusion of photos begins. Hand the graduate a handful of flashing blinking Congratulations Graduate balloons. Not only will the recipient feel special, balloons always make for great photo props. You can always mix plain balloons in the grad's favorite color or the school's colors with the graduation balloons.

4) Hand out Graduation lumitons

Distribute colorful light up graduation lumitons to family and friends to add to the congratulatory atmosphere. Again, colorful lumitons make great photo props for both the graduate and their family and friends. Both seriously posed photos and bust-out-loud laughing photos are acceptable.


5) Give the graduate their "diploma" to wear

A fun way to give the graduate his diploma is to present them with a flashing blinking cap and diploma necklace. After photo ops, it can be used as decorations for your graduation event.

6) Decorate your graduation event

The balloons, lumitons and necklaces mention above can also double as graduation party decorations. You already have your decorations at hand! Simply have your guests place their items around the venue for instant Graduation party decor.

Graduations are serious and meaningful events, and you can definitely make them unforgettable using these ideas and more of your own.

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