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Creative ways to say Mom "I Love You" and you're the best this Mother's Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

If you are the type that simply orders flowers online and attaches a short note, then these ideas for a fun creative Mother's Day are not for you. If, however, you want to wow your Mom this Mother's Day, read on!

  • Say "I love you" with a fun gift

Show your Mom what she means to you with an "I love you" fan or balloons. Not only will be touched with the sentiment, but will have a functional gift that cools her off as well. Hand fans are perfect for a warm entertaining night concert or take her out for some hot dancing.

  • Add some bling to her life

Perhaps you want to add some sparkle to your Mom's wardrobe, but real diamonds are way out of your budget. Get her some flashing stud earrings! Sparkling faux gems in her favorite color will surely add a smile to your Mom's face as she shows them off on Mother's Day.

  • Create a handmade card

Anyone can go out and buy a card, but it takes thought and creativity to make a homemade card with just the right sentiment. Think about what makes your Mom special to you and elaborate on that. Your card does not need to be fancy or rhyme, just be sincere. Maybe include her bling mentioned above?

  • Make her "Queen for a Day"

Since you already know that your Mom is special, making her 'Queen for a Day" can be your way to show her how much she means to you. Before you step out for that Mother's Day brunch or dinner, present her with her crown/tiara. Sure, she might feel a bit foolish in front of others, but you know deep inside that she's loving it!

  • Give her a real surprise gift
Since you know she is anticipating the traditional flowers, try coming up with something really different and wild. Something so off the wall that she will never forget this particular Mother's Day! How about something related to her favorite sport or activity? For example, if she's a runner, how about some light up shoelaces?


Remember, you are your Mom's best cheerleader and number One fan. Tell her she's the best and how much she means to you. Share a favorite memory from your childhood that made you who you are today. That is one of the best gifts a Mom can get.


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