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Easy (and impressive) decorating ideas for your next corporate event

Posted by Mark Cohen on

You probably have already booked the venue, the caterer and the band for your next big corporate event, but now what do you do about impressive decorations. If your event has a theme, so much the better since a theme makes it easier to look for related items. But what if there isn't a theme and all you want to do is impress the attendees with a beautiful atmosphere? Let's take a look at how your guests will be greeted and how to wow them throughout the event.

1) Light the way to the event

The entryway is your initial opportunity to create a subtle ambiance when your guests first arrive. A light up cherry tree would add a touch of elegance as a focal point to your event entry.

2) Electrify your sign in table

Your guest's first stop is signing in at the welcome table. Set the tone of the evening by encircling your sign in table with rope lights. A warm glowing table is an inviting way to let you know that your guests are very welcome to your event.

3) Enliven your guests with flashing lanyards

When your guests sign in, they will probably be handed a name badge. Make them excited to wear it when you also hand them a special flashing light up lanyard. Most events use plastic or cloth lanyards for name badges, but your event will give out lanyards that your guests will want to wear at this event and others to come.

4) Switch on the centerpieces

Now on to the tables. Flower arrangements are the norm at most events. How about something different? Placing flashing candles in the middle of the table on a beautiful decorative plate is a super easy idea for a great centerpiece. Perhaps you have something with your corporate logo that you could use. Also, color changing fiber optic centerpieces are a chic addition to any tabletop. If you have the time and want to be more creative, a simple tree branch in a base strung with delicate light up copper LED string lights (battery operated of course) and tiny ornaments makes a beautiful centerpiece.

5) Illuminate the buffet table

Next step for your guests will be the buffet table. Light up your buffet table with sumptuous lighting too. An elegant light up plate or a bowl of floating glowing candles can be used to illuminate the buffet. Somehow the food may even taste a little better.

So your can impress your event's guests in many ways from the very first opportunity. Give your event an aura of elegance by forgoing the standard and embracing your own distinct unique ideas for a fabulous event that will not soon be forgotten.

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