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Festive ways to participate in your local Cinco de Mayo celebration

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Cinco de Mayo is marked with parties, celebrations, and parades. Traditionally one of the more lively holidays, it is celebrated inside and out, holding celebrations and by marching in parades. To get in the festive Cinco de Mayo spirit, you might want to get a few things before you head out to join your friends. Prepare to party at your local fiesta!

1) Show your heritage

For those of Mexican heritage, you can show your heritage with a fun flashing and blinking Mexican flag pin. Wear it to the office, or when you go out partying later after work. Viva Mexico!


2) Step out with Cinco de Mayo colored wands and lumitons

When you head out to your Cinco de Mayo party, don't forget to grab festive light up Cinco de Mayo wands in red, green and white, or flashing fiesta lumitons. These are perfect for parties, bars and attending a parade.


3) Light up the night in traditional Cinco de Mayo colors

Dressing up for going out at night for a Cinco de Mayo outing is easy wearing the traditional green, red and white jewelry.  For parties and dancing, flashing blinking jewelry and sound activated bracelets really helps get the party going.


4) Don't forge the maracas!

A Cinco de Mayo celebration wouldn't be complete without maracas. Portable and fun, and whether you're musical or not, maracas are an easy way to join in on the fun festive spirit that is Cinco de Mayo. Make them light up flashing blinking maracas, and you will be the hit of the party.


So the idea is to be colorful and gay and joyous and fun. Join in on the festivities. Let loose and have fun!

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