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How to honor our fallen on Memorial Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Memorial Day is for remembering those who have given their lives for our country and all that America stands for. Our brave men and women troops who fought for our freedom should be honored for making the greatest sacrifice. Memorial Day is the time to remember those selfless individuals. There are many ways to demonstrate that you do indeed want to celebrate and remember those who have died by showing your pride in America today.

  • Go America!
If you are planning on attending a parade, you can certainly show your pride in America. Plan to wear one or more pieces of patriotic red, white and blue clothing. To top off your outfit, you could wear an American flag themed hat or headband.
  • Show your pride in our American troops
Nothing says that you celebrate our fallen like supporting our current troops. Whether or not you personally know someone in the military, you can show your support by wearing a glowing pin that proudly displays "Support Our Troops." Yellow ribbons are a symbol of support and represent our hope for the safe return of our troops.
  • Demonstrate you love your country
If you want to show your love of country, you can easily wear flashing blinking patriotic pins on Memorial Day. Perhaps a stars and stripes flag, America map, star or ribbon. Pins may given to your family and friends attending celebrations so that they could wear one too. An assortment of shapes gives many options for picking our the perfect pin.
  • Bring a flag
Carrying and displaying an American flag is an honor. Light up flags are a festive way to celebrate this great nation of ours and what it represents. Flashing and blinking flags are perfect for parades and patriotic gatherings. Carry them proudly.

So we can remember our fallen troops by celebrating and supporting our troops that are currently protecting our country. Every single day there are American men and women that safeguard us in many unseen ways. Let us celebrate them!

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