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5 Wedding Reception Lighting Tips

Posted by Luke Bowen on

When it comes to the wedding ambiance, a lot of time, money and anxiety can be sunk into getting the lighting just right. Color themes and visibility are major, allowing for a romantic or fun vibe, and also help people see their meal and others' happy faces without squinting or feeling blind. We have compiled some tips on how you can better enhance the lights and decor of your wedding reception no matter the time of year. And it can be done frugally regardless of whether the event will be held indoor or outside. If you have other tips that should be considered, feel free to add them into the comment space below.

 Dance floor lighting           

  1. If dinner and dancing are happening in the same room, applying a different wash of color to the dance floor is going to be crucial to setting it apart. Plus it draws peoples attention there when entertainment, toasts and other announcements are underway.

lit canopy

  1. String lighting and rope lighting are great for enhancing the perimeters and also directing guests to points of interest. String lights are typically great in the application of coiling around tress, posts and immovable objects and also to be used to tether as canopies and hang other lighting objects from.

hues in a spotlight

  1. If your reception site has sprawling ceilings, using pin spot lighting will draw focus to the more interesting details or locations that need viewing. Gobo lights are also a good lighting technique as they will diffuse or filter a spot light being projected with a message or special hue to soften areas without being bright and blinding. They also work well with reoccurring themes and motifs.

Submerged candle centerpiece at wedding

  1. For table lighting, and even centerpiece arrangements, you can't go wrong with tea lights They work for simplicity, pricing and do the job for almost any scenario. LED Tea lights can even be submerged for an even nicer lighting arrangement that will last the entire evening. 

 Lighting Tech

  1. Hire a lighting designer. They can guide you through the budgetary issues and show you the best vendors that can make everything and everyone real flattering and impressive.  The Knot is a website than can steer you in the right direction. They list a variety of wedding vendors that can assist in the wedding planning process including individuals in your community that light scenery professionally. It also shows the nearby venues that have optimal lighting effects and equipment in place.

Following these tips are sure to pay off in making your special night a huge success and a magical memory forever.

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