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4 Loveable Ways For A Perfect Valentine’s Night

Posted by Kristabel Marie on


Valentine’s Day is shared with families, lovers, best friends, any type of relationship really. It’s that time of the year when we get to express our undying love to our special ones, and it’s just around the corner! During Valentine’s Day, we get cute little cards from our children, heart shaped cookies from our best friend, a dozen red roses from our lover. So why not gather everyone you love for a dinner party and make them extra special with these four simple and special ways.


  1. Have a Heart-full Environment

Decoration makes all the difference on a special occasion. With the perfect environment, you can have a perfect occasion! Have an arts and crafts day, like heart shaped cutouts, before Valentine’s Day with your children. And decorate them all over the house so everyone can feel the love throughout the household!

If you have no time to make your own DIY crafts, an easy way to have a quick heart fix décor is by putting up lights to complete the room, like our Heart String Lights.



  1. Heart Accents

In addition to your Heart-full environment, small simple details can add a splash to complete your party theme! Use the color RED in your party utensils, and bake a heart-shaped cake for everyone. Pretty much anything that will boost the warmth in the room!


These Heart Shaped LED Cocktail Stirrers are a perfect addition to your desired Valentine’s love potion. It can be used for all sorts of beverages and adds a subtle Valentine’s Day fun to your drinks.







  1.  Have your night captured

Set up a photo booth yourself in your house and have some fun Valentine’s related props for your guests to use while taking the photos. Props can be like our Sequined Hats, Heart Sunglasses, or Heart Head Boppers are perfect addit

ions to your photobooth memories. This party technique gets everybody involved and every guest enjoys it!











  1. Valentine’s Gift and Souvenir

Just when the night is over, don’t just let your guest leave without any reminder of this fun and romantic night you just threw. Giving them a casual Valentine’s gift, something like our Luminary Bags stuffed with some treats would be much appreciated by children and adults alike! These gestures just ties up the night and makes your love ones feel extra special!




With these entertaining 4 ideas, it will definitely make your guests feel significant by you going above and beyond for this night that is only celebrated once a year! And maybe this celebration will be their most memorable Valentine’s Day yet! 


by Kristabel Marie

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