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Flashy Black Tie Party

Posted by Kristabel Marie on

Winter season in California should be right about now, but instead of the blazing cold weather that we should be experiencing right now we've been going through warm weather which makes it seem like it's spring instead of winter. The not too cold and not too hot "spring" in February weather yells out for great parties, pretty much every weekend. So let me share with you some ideas on how to throw a Black Tie Party, the non-traditional way but the Bongo Flasher's jazzy way.

When a party invitation is labeled "Black Tie" means one thing in literal, men wears a black tie and of course us ladies wear something appropriate to match our date, long evening gowns. So let's take this type of event to something witty and whimsical and at the same time still includes a black tie!


First of all, the party decoration needs to be “black tie” appropriate. With simple and classy decorations, like simple LED white party lights around the room can make the evening glow. Also, the use of the perfect glassware should be simple and elegant but of course the Bongo Flashy way would be to add some flashing lights to it, like these clear LED champagne glasses.


Click here for other flashy glassware. 


Now let’s talk about some ideas on what to wear for a flashy black tie event. You want to wear something sophisticated looking but at the same time fun (because we are throwing a more fun version of the plain old boring black tie event, right?). So these LED ties are perfect!




Other accessories such as the LED tuxedo top hat and our flashing checkered fedoras would also be ideal.



And for you ladies, a cute LED top hat and white blinking LED clip on earrings are a perfect accessory!



We would love to see your own version of a Black Tie party, the flashy way! So plan your party now with Bongo Flashers!


Also, check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration on throwing a Black Tie Event:


by Kristabel Marie

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