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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Football Tailgate Party

Posted by Luke Bowen on

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Tailgating is more than just an event, but a pastime and lifestyle for many across the country. The good news for those who are just starting their tailgating adventure is that you can set up your space with colorful decorations that are reasonably priced. The key is keeping in mind the space you have to carry your items and the time you have to setup, eat, and tear it down before the big game.

Here are 5 tips that will help make your tailgating event at the next home football game one that everyone can enjoy.


You are not competing with the Jones. You are out there to have a great time. So, keep the setup simple and straightforward. Have food pre-prepared if you desire. Portable gas range or charcoal grills are common and quite popular. Coolers are a must for beverage refrigeration. Include some folding chairs for places to sit. Also pack a few card tables, a tablecloth, some plastic ware and cups area all appreciated and reasonable too. Have a few water bottles or other beverages frozen so they will be ready to enjoy later or after the game is also a nice pro-tip.

Arrive Early

The easiest tip to follow is getting prepared and ready to arrive around three to four hours before the game starts. You’ll want to be getting ready to cook and eat possibly two hours before the game starts so allow plenty of time to setup tables, chairs, test any sound/video equipment for broadcast, prepare food, cook, and most importantly commiserate with friends and family. Too many people underestimate the time they have to tailgate, so play it safe and get there early.

Team Colors

Your party décor for the tailgating event should highlight the colors and logo of your team. Many college and professional teams will have plenty of official products that can be used. However, you can save some money by purchasing party favors online to supplement your primary event decorations.

Toys, Balls & Games

Night Flyer football

Being prepared is having everything ready to cook when you arrive, but it’s also having a few games to play to keep the kids and adults entertained. Playing catch is obvious. Squirt-guns in the heat of the day can also help people relax, play and cool off. Other small toys that bounce, spin or make noise can also make the activities more memorable.

It’s the Little Things that Count

pom poms

Your party décor does not need to be large and obvious, but rather small with some variety so that it adds up to a big presentation. A football field frosted on a cake, accents on the sides, numbered placements, pom-poms, logos of teams, and so forth, all accumulate points in a way. Keep the small decorations together and in abundance so you can always have what’s needed that you can be found quickly.

There is nothing like a tailgating party at a football game. With a little planning, you can make the most out of the pastime.

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