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Origin of Halloween Trick or Treating and Jack-o-Lanterns

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Where did the idea of going house to house for Trick or Treating and Jack-o-Lanterns come from? It is said that in times past end of the harvest festivals would include dressing up and going from house to house reciting verses or singing songs in exchange for food. To light their way, turnips or gourds were hollowed out and lit with candles. Sometimes, they carved images on them. This tradition became our modern Jack-o-Lanterns. In today's world, you don't have to use a real pumpkin for your Jack-o-Lantern when there are lots of flashing options available at There are flashing fun, scary or cute Jack-o-Lanterns that can be worn like jewelry or carried like a wand. And if you chose to carve your own pumpkin there are lots of safe illumination ideas too.

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