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How to Win the Ugly Sweater Office Contest

Posted by Jacob Sweany on

Few traditions rival that of the great Christmas Ugly Sweater contest. It is zany tradition that has sprung up across this great land to showcase who possesses the most outrageous holiday spirit imaginable. This tradition especially flourishes at the office white elephant party or Christmas social where no shortcoming of silliness or inebriation exists. So as that time is upon us, it is time to discuss the techniques and strategies to own flaunt the ugliest Christmas sweater.

  1. Bright Color & Wrong Size

    Find a Holiday garment that is bright and loud already in its raw form and for extra points a size too big or too small for your build.

  2. Embellishments Galore from your 99 cent store!

    Once armed with that trusty glue gun, head on down to the local 99cent store and acquire as many holiday knick-knacks, ornaments, garlands, and stuffed animals you can carry.

  3. Hot Glue your Sweater Ornaments in place

    All you do now is map out where these accents go and start gluing them down into place. The winning ticket is often to get as creative here as possible. To really seal the deal, blinking lights and glowing objects on your person can really drive home getting that gold medal or blue ribbon. You'll find a few good LED body pins right here.

  4. Santa on delivery
  5. Accessorize your holiday spirit!

    Christmas hats or funny, holiday sunglasses are also vital to bring it up a few more levels and really embody the holiday season.

  6. Own it!

    You have your ugly sweater assemble put together. Now prove you mean it. Win over the crowd with that ugly or crazy getup. Give everyone a high five. Grab a cocoa mug and strike a pose. Point and wink a ton at everyone. Aim your index finger everywhere you can. By now you probably have it in the bag. This is just putting a bow on it...literally.

If you follow these 5 key steps, you should be finding yourself in every office photo and earning that trophy of Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion. Go have some fun at it and let us know via Facebook with a comment or photo how it went.

Want to see a pro at making a Ugly Christmas Sweater, visit here to see how it's done.

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