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Pointers for creating a romantic setting for Valentines Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Most people simply give cards on Valentines Day, but some go all out on Valentines Day to set up a most romantic setting for that special evening. For those stay-at-home and make it special ones, there are lots of ways to get that special ambiance for a meal or afterwards. Once you have picked out your menu, think about how to compose that air of romance. Click here for all types of Valentines items.

  • Light up the path

    Luminarias can guide the way in. Line the entry way with heart luminarias. Who would not want to see where it leads?

  • Candles everywhere

    Nothing says romance like candlelight. Glowing flickering candles on the table, and scattered about the room are a lovely inviting scene. Flameless candles are the perfect option for this. Set them out high and low throughout the room for an enchanting atmosphere. There are even submersible candles that could be placed in a crystal bowl with water.

  • Flowers for your love

    Whether it is a single bloom or a bunch of flowers, no one can resist flowers. For an interesting look, a bouquet of glowing blossoms can be used as a centerpiece of the room to give a focal point.

  • Strings of hearts

    To cast a fairy-tale appearance to the room, use strings of heart-shaped lights. You can mix the heart-shaped lights with plain white ones so that you can light up the entire room.

So the path is clear, candles are glowing, the flowers are out, and the lighting is set. Your romantic setting is ready. Now it is up to you as to what happens next...

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