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Put together a simple inexpensive Valentines goodie bag this Valentine's Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Valentine's Day can be a challenging time to try to find ways to include all the kids in school for the Valentine's exchange when those dime-store cards just won't cut it. These days, with so many restrictions on what you can and can't do, it can become stressful to find Valentine's items that are acceptable at any age. There are so many different Valentine's items that are perfect for those goodie bags for school parties. Decide whether you want to assemble unique bags for the girls and boys, or whether you want neutral bags that could be given to either.

  1. Grab a gift bag

    Start with simple pink or red gift bags from your local dollar store. If you are going to make unique bags for the girls and the boys, designate which color will be for the girls and which will be for the boys. This will make it easier when you assemble the contents of the goodie bags.

  2. Add a Valentine's Day glow stick

    All kids love glow sticks. It's as simple as that. Glowsticks can be hand held or on lanyards to wear around. They come in different colors and lengths, and can say Happy Valentine's Day. For the kids, probably the smaller lengths might be better.

  3. Throw in a Valentine's necklace.

    Hearts are the best choice for girls. Glow necklaces would work for the boys. As long as it is flashing, blinking or glowing, any choice is a winner.

  4. Finish it off with a jelly ring

    Again, hearts are the symbol of Valentine's Day. A pack of heart shaped rings in different colors are perfect. Jelly rings are inexpensive and one size fits all! If you don't want to choose hearts, flower shaped rings or LED flash glow rings in a variety of colors would work.

You now have great goodie bags for your kid's class for Valentine's Day. Just add some bright fun tissue paper and you have put together one-of-a-kind, unique Valentine's Day bags! So when everyone else receives those small boring Valentine's Day cards, your kid's classmates and friends will receive an unforgettable flashing blinking Valentine's wonder!

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