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Valentine's Day gift ideas from nice to a bit naughty

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Celebrating Valentine's Day is different for children and adults. The main goal is to have fun with it. Kids are likely to exchange Valentine's Day cards at school and get a goodie bag, while adults attend a party or take their loved one out for dinner. In both cases, fun Valentine's Day jewelry and accessories can be given as goodie bag stuffers, party favors or gifts to close friends. There a lots of ways to spread Valentine cheer.

  • Stuff a goodie bag with fun flashing jewelry for the kids
Keep it simple with the goodie bags for kids. You can stuff them with kid-appropriate flashing jewelry with flashing blinking heart or star shaped necklaces, jelly bauble rings or bracelets. They can wear any of these at school get togethers and class parties.



  • Hand out wands to your kid's friends
You can definitely surprise your children's friends when you pick them up for carpool by handing out Valentine's Day wands. Heart shaped fiber optic wands or stick wands with fiber optic color can be a fun way for you to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day.


  • Go out for a fun lively Valentine dinner
For those who are more into an amusing rather than a romantic Valentine dinner date, wear a flashing bow tie, sequined fedora or maybe heart-shaped sunglasses. Who says Valentine's Day has to be seriously romantic? Sometimes cutting loose is way more fun.


  • Have an adult Valentine's Day party - Go wild and strut your stuff!
For the adults who want to get a bit wild, you can wear the "I'm sexy and I know it!" lanyard or a feather boa with flashing LEDs. How about some Cupid's hearts? At your adult Valentine's Day party, put on some heavy wild music and let the dancing begin. Are you too sexy for your shirt? It is up to you how wild it can be.



Help spread the Valentine's Day spirit in your own way. From the kids at school to your adult friends, it is easy to say you care in a variety of ways.  Whether its a casual acquaintance or friend, or a serious beloved, simply let them know that your friendship is there this Valentine's Day.


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