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Terrific ways to "paint the town green" this St Patrick's Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

St Patrick's Day is that one day a year to cut loose and have fun whether you are Irish or not! Cities across the U.S have St Patrick's Day parade with people taking to the streets to celebrate and live it up a bit. It's innocent fun to get out there and celebrate! Perhaps you and your neighbors could plan a block or apartment complex St Patrick's Day get together. Here are some ways to help "paint the town green" this St Patrick's Day.

       Most people have at least one item of green clothing to wear. If you are the adventurous and outlandish type, you can dress in green from head to toe from green shoes, socks, pants and shirt, even a Leprechauns outfit! If you aren't into green clothing, flashing blinking green jewelry, sunglasses or hats might be just the thing. A wee bit of green can help make you Irish for the day.


      • Speak with an Irish accent

      It would not be near as fun to hear if you had a perfect Irish accent, so put on your best Irish accent for the evening. Also, learn a few Irish sayings and relay them in your best Irish lilt. Your friends will appreciate your most likely humorous attempt at mastering the inflections while telling a Irish joke or two.

      • Serve all green food

      Not all food served on St Patrick's Day has to be artificially green. There are plenty of green food items without having to add green coloring. Beside the obvious green vegetables like broccoli (which a lot of folks would pass on anyways), guacamole is always a bit hit. Green cupcakes and candy (served on a green tray of course) are always welcomed too.

      • Drink to the Irish

      Drinking is a huge part of the St Patrick's Day celebration so do it with flair. Flashing green cups and mugs or barware is an easy way to decorate and to imbibe when the time comes. Serve your drinks on green trays and cool the drinks in a multicolored ice bucket. Drinks can be non-alcoholic like green smoothies or alcoholic like green creme de menthe.


      The whole idea on St Patrick's Day is to have fun with it. You are guaranteed to have a great time with these ideas and more of your own. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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