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Join forces to throw your own terrific St Patrick's Day Party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

There are lots of food and color traditions for St Patrick's Day. If you aren't the bar hopping type, plan on hosting your own distinctively creative St Patrick's Day party at your own place. Get your guests as involved as possible both before and during the party with these fun ideas!

1. Come one, come all and dress in green

Since virtually all of your friends are computer savvy, don't use snail mail for your invitations. Generate a fun email inviting your friends to your unusual party. Ask them to wear something unconventional in green. Let them know there will be a contest for  Most Crazily Green! For those shy ones that don't come dressed in green, have some fun green hats or sunglasses available to put on so they don't stand out as the only ones that missed the "wear green" memo.

2. Have a Pot-luck o' green

Get your guests to participate and come up with an extraordinary St Patrick's Day green menu as well. Ask them to be as creative as possible and bring a distinctive dish to share. Let them be inspired to think out of the box and come up with something really different. It could be an appetizer, main dish, or dessert. Their potluck contribution will be judged for Best in Show of Green as well!

Green centerpieces to accent the culinary contributions is festive as well.



3. Lucky Shamrocks all around

Shamrocks are the standard for St Patrick's Day, so make sure that there are plenty of shamrocks around. Cut outs of green shamrocks can adorn the walls.

4. Pots of gold and more gold

The St Patrick's Day leprechaun always has a pot of gold nearby, so create one of your own by placing strands and strands of gold bead necklaces in a black pot on the table. Later your guests can wear them as consolation prizes for your contests.

5. The Limericks Challenge

Most people have heard limerick poems when they were growing up. If your guests don't remember, remind of the rhyming scheme and tell them to come up with one that tells about their potluck dish above. At the end of the evening, have them recite their own limerick.

The name of the game is for everyone to participate and have fun. Now you have lots of ideas for having a party at which all guests are participants. Come up with some of your own so you can have your best St Patrick's Day party ever!


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