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Fun alternate ways to say you care this Valentine's Day

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Traditionally, there were a few ways to show you care or that you love someone on Valentine's Day. A box of fancy chocolates? Check. A bouquet of overpriced flowers? Check. How about something different, original and unique but with the same sentiment... You don't have to be quite like Romeo and Juliet, but you can show you are an admirer and supporter of Valentines everywhere in a variety of ways.

  • Say it with balloons

To make a huge statement, say it big! If you show up with a fistful of heart shaped red balloons, or for those of you that want to take the leap and say "I Love You," who could resist?

  • Show it with light up heart beating action
Show the beating of your heart by wearing a gradient heart display T-Shirt. This kind of t-shirt has a sound activated large sophisticated L.E.D. patch attached at the chest. Mesmerizing for all who see it!
  • Bring your holiday spirit with you
Even if you don't have a sweetie, you can definitely get into the Valentine's Day spirit by wearing red, or some kind of heart or cupid. Simply don a red shirt and wear it to work, or wear heart-shaped jewelry. Add some red floral barrettes, heart earrings or a red tie if you are inclined. The idea is to make sure those around you know you are an enthusiastic supporter of the spirit of Valentine.
  • Don't forget the kids like Valentine's Day too
Just because you are an adult celebrating Valentine's Day, don't forget the kids. They want to participate as well. There are lots of kid sized Valentine's Day bracelets and one size fits all items too. Show them they are special by letting them wear one of those candy heart stretch bracelets to school or wow them with a flashing blinking bracelet.
So whether you are a true over-the-top Romeo or simply a great friend, just don't forget to let the ones you treasure know what they mean to you. And you can show it in a huge or subtle way.

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