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Awesome ways to brighten up Christmas caroling, performances and office parties

Posted by Mark Cohen on

There is something about the Holiday season with office parties, performances and caroling that screams for happy jolly accessories and head wear. Whether it is simply wearing traditional seasonal red and white clothing to your office party, upping the ante and wearing a full elf outfit, or somewhere in between, there are lots of options to suit your needs. Once you figure out your comfort level, pick out the best accessory you can. Here's some ideas for your different levels of holiday participation and toleration...

  • Wear traditional colors

The easiest option of course is to simply wear traditional Holiday colors. Sneak in to your office or a party with a red or green tie, scarf or muffler. That type of item can be thrown on at the last minute, and still shows that you are not a humbug. If you received one of those Christmas ties last year, and have no idea when you would ever wear it, keep it handy for those last minute invites for drinks after work.

  • Put on a simple festive headband or hat
Another easy idea is to throw on a Christmas headband or hat. Be Santa's little helper with a Santa or Elf hat. Slip on a reindeer antler headband. And headbands don't mess up your hair! If you are helping hand out presents, the MC of your company Holiday party or attending a night parade, these items with flashing blinking lights are a fun way to get attention.
  • Carry a festive accessory or hand them out to your friends
If you are trying to get others in the Holiday spirit, maybe you could hand out candy canes to your coworkers or dole out peppermint colored glow sticks. A pack of red and white glow sticks is an inexpensive way to have a little something to give each and every person at the office. There are also glow sticks with snowflakes and Season's Greetings.
  • Dress all out in a holiday outfit

If you are the type that are all in during the Holidays, then you might be inclined to wear a head to toe outfit to your Christmas outings. Santa suits, elf outfits, and other festive dress ups are perfect for dressing all out for parties, and gatherings with your friends.

  • Add a flashing light up to your outfit or in your hair
Any time you are going out during the Holidays, you can raise the stakes by adding flashing lights to anything you are wearing. Did you know that there are string lights that are powered by small batteries? These string lights can be worn as part of an outfit or placed in the hair. It is so easy to add a sparkling string of twinkling fairy lights to your hairdo, or attach to your snow cap.

Once you have determined your level of comfort, you can alleviate your participation dilemma by simply choosing the best way for you to attend this Season's activities.

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