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How to express your mood to others with emoji

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Do you remember the saying "wear your heart on your sleeve?" It meant to be open about your emotions rather than keeping them private. Well, these days, with information traveling the speed of light, everyone with a tech device lets everyone know their mood with emoticons and emoji. You can use emoticons in text and the like to indicate your emotions with a pictorial representation as simple as a :-) to show you are happy. Your software may turn these marks into a smiley face.  Similarly, emojis (or picture characters) let you relay a a lot of emotional information in a single image. Not only are they small and compact but they pack a lot of punch. Emojis have become a very popular way of sharing your mood with others. Here's some ways that emojis can be used.

  • Let kids express how they are feeling with emoji accessories
Sometimes it's hard for kids to tell adults about how they are doing or what they are feeling. Sometimes they don't even want to talk to their friends. There are lots of emoji accessories like necklaces, rings and bracelets that kids can wear to indicate their mood to others.
  • Place emoji buddies on your computer at work
Let others in your work space know how you are doing. Frustrated with a project? Place a tense and frustrated emoji buddy on top of your computer monitor. Kind of wigged out about an upcoming deadline? A crazy faced emoji can relay your mood. Co-workers need only to glance your way to know what the mood is in your vicinity.
Had enough of the tension in your life? Maybe it's time to toss the tension and start throwing your emotions. Pick out the appropriate emoji facial expression like a smirking or grimace face puffer ball. It's hard to be tense when you are at play and goofing around. Just don't let the boss see you.
  • Outdoors - Just whistle it out
For outdoor events, there are even emoji whistles. Let your team know you are supporting them. Make some noise for a parade. Referee at a beach volley ball game. Emoji whistles let you get loud and get heard.

Go ahead then, and fill your emails with punctuation marks, numbers and letters to express your feelings with emoticons. Or set the tone with emoji expressions with any number of accessories. Any way you do it, there should be no reason why anyone around you has to guess at how you're doing.

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