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Fidget spinner frenzy – Get yours now!

Posted by Mark Cohen on

It’s time to join the fidget spinner rage. Everyone’s heard of the new finger fidget spinners for both children and adults alike. Fidget spinners can help with focusing attention, dealing with stress, relieving anxiety or simply to be seen by others. With or without LED lights, in a myriad of colors and shapes, these little gadgets are the must have item right now! Inexpensive and highly sought after, some stores can’t keep them in stock. Bongo Flashers has great prices on fidget spinners and, as a bonus, these items can be personalized with a name or business logo.

  • For young and old

Fidget spinners are suitable for adults and children alike. Fidget spinners fit comfortably in the hand. They can be used discreetly and quietly at school or work to calm you or help you avoid some fidgety annoying habits (like pen clicking and tapping that drive those around you crazy).

  • Simple to use

Fidget spinners are easy to use. Simply hold one in your hand with your fingers and flick with the other had or the fingers on the same hand. The length of spinning depends on how hard you flick it. Whether or not your spinner is plain or a light up with LEDs, the spinning is quiet and calming. It’s up to you if you want to thoughtfully use it out of sight from others (like beneath your office desk) or light up a venue with spinning fun.

  • Personalize it with your name or business logo
These fidget spinners may be personalized with a name or a business logo. Get your name out there as you distribute these sought after items. These are very popular promotional items. When you order,  just ask us about personalization options.

So it's time to get on the fidget spinner bandwagon. Whether it is for your own amusement, for its benefits or simply to advertise, fidget spinners are the latest new must have!

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