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How to bedazzle your 4th of July party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

When you get together with friends this coming 4th of July, switch it up from the same old outdoor BBQ to a fun sparkling patriotic event. Fire up the BBQ with ribs, wings and other goodies. Get creative and serve red, white or blue food items. Place old Glory as the center of attention! There are lots of ways to show patriotism and put our American flag front and center so that you can host a terrific 4th of July BBQ.

From headbands to hats to red, white and blue wigs and headbands, it is easy to dress for the 4th of July. Solid colored ribbons or flag bow headbands with flashing blinking LEDs would certainly enliven your backyard BBQ! Have a contest for the most inspired original patriotic outfit.

  • Adorn yourself with flashing USA flag jewelry

Wearing a flashing red, white and blue necklace with an American flag or simply earrings in those colors is a fun way to show your patriotism. Mix and match flashing earrings, necklaces and bracelets to create your own flashing 4th of July display. And who says that your red, white and blue has to be a flag? Fun shapes like stars, guitars and maps are quite acceptable.

  • Display your American red, white and blue proudly

When setting up your BBQ area, you can drape red, white and blue streamers around your serving table. Small flags can be placed in bud vases with similarly colored carnations and ribbons. These items will certainly showcase your creative food items too. Why not have your small flags be flashing and blinking too? Later, you can carry these flag wands with you when you go to view the fireworks display.

Whichever way you decide to show it, your 4th of July gathering can be fun, creative and super patriotic if you follow these tips. So bedazzle yourself, your tables and your guests and have a sparkling 4th of July celebration.

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