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How to cool down those hot summer nights

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Summer nights are the perfect time to get together with family and friends. School's out, break time is here, summer vacations are upon us. Even if you cannot get away from home and hit the USA's National Parks for their 100 year anniversary, you can plan a super fun evening at your house. So call all your friends and get ready to have a cool summer evening! Here's some ways to plan your evening and get the ball rolling:

  • Provide light up sundown to evening hats

If your get together is going to start at sundown, remind your guests to bring a visor or a hat for that magical time of the evening. Baseball caps are easy to carry and can be stashed away later after the sun is gone. However, if you have some friends that wear caps 24/7, then a light up baseball or newsboy cap would be a fun addition for them to wear.

  • Set up a mister (if outside)

You don't want your guests sweltering in the heat, so set up a mister on your patio. A cool mist scattered by the summer evening breeze might be all that it takes to keep everyone comfortable. Line your patio cover with mister lines, or set up a portable mist machine.

Even if the temperatures rise, cool color light up shot glasses, cups and mugs can make it seem just a little less sizzling. Drinks served in light up glasses or with light up ice cubes (yes, there is such a thing) can cool down even the most sultry of evenings. Refreshing wine coolers, brisk iced tea or an ice cold beer in a frosty mug is perfect to serve.


  • Make some wintry frozen concoction

To keep things really cool, whip up some fabulous frozen concoction. If you have an old fashioned ice cream maker, you can create your own custom ice cream flavors. Serve your custom flavor on cones from the 99 cent store (when's the last time you had an actual ice cream cone?) If you don't have an ice cream maker, there are hundreds of recipes on the internet for quick serve ice cream or simple fruit bar popsicles that take only minutes to make. Simply mix it up and put in the freezer. Serve in chilled bowls.

The idea is to chill out and enjoy the summer evening. Relaxing with friends under the mister on the patio with a frosty drink or an old fashioned ice cream cone is one way to mellow out and simmer down for a great summer evening.


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