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How to enhance your light up fidget spinner display like a futuristic kaleidoscope

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Do you know how to get the most color displays on your light up fidget spinner? Fidget spinners are everywhere nowadays. You most certainly have seen someone using one. Fidget spinners come in a variety of shapes and colors, and the coolest fidget spinners light up with multicolor LEDs. Simply spinning a light up fidget spinner gives quite a light show but did you know that there ways to elevate that display to fabulousness? Read on for tips on how to wow your friends and family.

1. Same LED setting on each arm

LED spinners can be turned on by simply pressing the button on the end of each arm of the spinners. Press the button once on each arm and the LED display will be the same on each arm. This creates a consistent color display when you spin it. LED spinners often have several different settings on each arm of the spinners. For example, some feature steady light on, slow or fast flashing or blinking, or a slow fade in and out color change. Press the button more than once to advance through the different settings. These different settings create a constant color combination when you flick the spinner.
2. Different LED settings on each arm
Try using different LED settings on each arm of the spinners. Press the button more than once to advance through the different settings, but use a different LED setting on each arm. These different settings create a changing color combination when you flick the spinner.

3. Speed

Differing speeds can also change the light color display of your LED fidget spinner. Try using the tips in step 1 or 2 above for the LED color display settings, but then experiment with the speed of your spinning. Slower and faster spinning dramatically changes the light display show.

4. Angle/tilt

Once you have set your fidget spinner in motion, look at it from a different angle. Simply tilting it towards you or away from your normal line of vision creates a completely different visual experience.

5. Turn it over

Have you ever tried to turn your LED fidget spinner over to view the other side? Once you have created a light show using the suggestions above, turn your spinner over to experience a unique type of rarely seen colors. The back side of an LED spinner also has colors to be experienced but in a soft muted way.

6. Set it down or different backgrounds

Once you have set your spinner in one or more ways mentioned above. Set your spinner down on different surfaces for a completely different look. A dark solid color surface and a brightly colored background with a crazy pattern of some kind both create completely different displays. Did you know that if you place a black body spinner on a black background that you will see only the spinning flashing color and the spinner body can barely be seen? A really cool visual effect!

So experiment with one or all of the steps above with your LED light up fidget spinner. Create an even more dazzling kaleidoscope show of colors for others around you. Your crowd will be entranced and probably unable to look away using the tips listed above.

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  • The variety of illusions you can create with these spinners is very cool. The more varieties of lights and patterns, the better!

    Jim on

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