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How to get bonus points for your Halloween costume and win the contest!

Posted by Mark Cohen on

On Halloween, most parties have some kind of costume contest. Most people just throw together a makeshift homemade costume or run out and buy a pre-made outfit. To score extra bonus points and win that Halloween costume contest, don't underestimate the unexpected extra of making sure your shoes are totally rad too. That's right, your shoes. Read on for some great ideas...

  • Add some flashing shoelaces to ordinary sneakers
If you are going to be wearing your sneakers with your costume, add some flashing shoelaces. No matter if your sneakers are comfortably worn in or brand new, some brightly colored flashing shoelaces will light them up. Choose Halloween orange or a bright neon shoelaces to spiff up your costume.
  • Enrobe your shoes in shoe covers
Adding shoe covers is a super easy way to add to your costume. If you are dressing up as some type of animal, simply add a strip of plush stuffed animal fur to your shoes. Remember those old stuffed animals that you have already put aside for the garage sale? Well, sacrifice a few and you have perfect shoe covers for your outfit. Want to be a rock star? Flashing blinking to the music light up LED shoe covers slipped over your shoes will make your complete costume rock on.
  • Slip on light up shoe heel lights
A pair of heel lights for shoes can be worn on any type of shoe (laces or not). They simply slide on the heel of your shoe. Pick a single color to coordinate with your costume, or choose a changing multicolor light.  Depending how you want your outfit to look, you can set them to a steady light or to flashing mode. Besides looking really cool, heel lights can make trick or treating safer by making you more visible as you go from house to house.
  • Step out with motion activated lights on your shoes
Whether you are stepping out to a party or to a Halloween festival, shoe lights that are motion activated make quite a statement on their own. These shoe add ons activate with each step you take. This kind of costume addition is great for going to clubs that sponsor Halloween costume contests because afterwards you can dance the night away and still be the hit of the party.

So when you are planning your Halloween costume this year, don't forget to complete your ensemble from your head down to your toes. Choose your themed costume and go full dress no matter what you pick. You'll be second to none!


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