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How to get ready for your festive fiesta this Cinco de Mayo

Posted by Mark Cohen on

It's time for Cinco de Mayo! So let's get ready to party. Just remember the rules for having fun at a fiesta - gather your best friends, serve some yummy food, crank up the music and dance. You can celebrate in your own subdued way or go all out and have a bash. Here's some primo ideas for a smashing Cinco de Mayo party.

1) Festive party fare
From simple chips and salsa with creamy guacamole to a complete buffet with enchiladas and beans, food is an essential part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Throw down a loudly-striped Mexican poncho, fill up an oversized sombrero hat with chips and get some color coordinated plastic forks, spoons and knives that match it all to set up a perfect party table. Maybe scatter some oversized chilis on the table as well.
2) Mexican decorations
Mexican flags and coordinating red, green and white streamers is the logical choice for decorating your party area. Cactus cutouts are fun. And since drinking is usually such a big part of a fiesta, make sure that there are lots of large beer cups and margarita glasses for those frosty salty margaritas also in traditional colors.
3) Make some noise
Fun and festive music and maracas. Start the party with some fiesta music and dancing. Hand out some maracas and let your guests shake, rattle and roll. And who said that they have to be your simple traditional maraca? Some tinsel trimmed light up maracas let you party like there's no tomorrow.
4) For the braver souls, a chili pepper competition and beer
To spice up the occasion, you could have a chili pepper eating competition. From the mild Ortega to the burn-your-face-off Ghost Pepper levels of spiciness this is not for the faint of heart. You will always a couple takers for this kind of eat-off. For fun, have them sign a "disclaimer" and make sure you have buckets of icy cold beer (like Corona or Dos Equis XX cerveza) ready for the outcome you know is coming. Get your cameras ready for some inevitably wild photos.

So invite your boldest friends to your fiesta, let them eat, drink and be merry. The most important ingredient to a successful fiesta is laughter and fun (see #4 above...).

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