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How to have more fun and challenge yourself with your fidget spinner

Posted by Mark Cohen on

OK, so everyone has been using their fidget spinners in the traditional way. Holding the spinner in the hand between the fingers and flicking a finger to make it spin in the hand has been mastered (over and over again). There's got to be more ways to enjoy the hand spinner. Let's see some ideas for how to get more fun from your spinner.

  • On one finger
    Let's start with a simple fidget spinner "exercise." Try balancing the fidget spinner on the tip of your index finger. Just balance it but don't spin it yet. Get used to the weight on your fingertip. Gently move your hand and arm from side to side while keeping the spinner balanced on your fingertip. Most folks don't realize that simply balancing an object takes a lot of concentration and focus, and isn't that some of the reason why people get a fidget spinner? Once you have gotten used to simply balancing it, try to set the spinner in motion ever so slowly. It will take a little practice to spin it and balance it at the same time.
  • On two fingers
    So now let's add a spinner to the other hand. Once you have mastered one spinner on one finger, try to get two of them spinning (one on each hand). This will take some figuring out, since your one hand is already busy with the first spinner. You should probably use two spinners of the same kind until you master this.
  • On your nose
    Yes, on your nose... For even more fun, try balancing a spinner on your nose. Once you have gotten used to balancing it, try spinning it and keeping it balanced at the same time. It really can be done. Click here to see fun!
  • Change the spinner configuration
    Fidget spinners came in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. These different configurations make for more challenging spinning. If you are used to a regular tri-spinner, maybe a quad-spinner or a completely different shape like a bat or a ninja star will up the spinning ante for you.

There's lots a ways to challenge yourself with a fidget spinner. Impress your friends with these newly found skills. Then teach them how to do it!

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