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How to light up a bachelorette party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Some of the best things that make a bachelorette party memorable is for the maid of honor and bridesmaids to make it fun. It's a time to celebrate the bride-to-be and to gather her friends (and his, if it's co-ed) for a once in a lifetime party to kick up your heels and live it up. It's an occasion to let loose and honor the bride. So let's get started on ways to plan a party for the bride.

  • Gather some fun party favors
When a group of best friends are out for a bachelorette party, they want others to know it. Some wedding light up necklaces are great party favors and are an easy way for everyone in your group to stand out. Give them out as party favors and make sure everyone is wearing one. Flip the switch and start the flashing.
  • Make the person of honor stand out
Every bride wants to be the center of attention, especially at her own party. Really make it obvious to others just who in the group actually is the bride to be. An LED sash that says Bride to Be or a sparkling tiara would do it. No matter what just make sure the bride to be is the very center of attention!
  • Flowers for all of the bridal party
If you really want your group of ladies to stand out, perhaps getting floral light up halo headbands could be a way to really let everyone know who's in the bridal party. A light up collection of matching floral headbands in a rainbow of colors is a feminine and beautiful way to display fellowship.
  • Hand out toasting glasses
No matter where you have the bachelorette party, whether it is in someone's home or at a favorite haunt like a bar, flashing light up glasses are a festive way to celebrate the occasion. Give everyone in the party an elegant glass. These toasting glasses can be used all evening so you can raise your glasses and celebrate the night away.
  • Be prepared for groom to be a party crasher
If his curiosity gets the better of him, and the groom to be just can't stay away, he and his buddies might likely be your party crashers. Be ready for him just in case he/they show up. That is a great time to throw him in a tizzy and give him a bad time by having a special hat (like a tuxedo top hat) ready for the groom-to-be to wear. Rattle him good for letting his buddies talking him into not staying away.

The most important thing at the bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride to be, make her feel extra special and for her friends to feel honored to be a part of bridal party. Making it extra fun is just icing on the cake.



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