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How to make last year's Halloween costume your newest trick

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Do you find that you wear the same old costume every year for Halloween? Maybe it is time to switch it up, recycle that old costume and save money as well as you create your own unique getup. Go through your old pile of clothes and add just a few distinctively peculiar items to come up with a seriously custom costume! Here's a few ways to get started.

  • Think outside the box of conventionality
Just because everyone imagines a strict way a costume should look to be "correct" does not mean that you have to as well. Come up with your own unique ideas for a costume. For example, everyone expects a pirate to wear a black eye patch. Are all pirates missing an eye? Perhaps a few scars, yes, but maybe just some mummy wrap on your head to indicate past skirmishes with other pirates or the authorities.
  • Start at the bottom and work your way up
Footwear can also be used to break from tradition. Maybe you have some oversized clown shoes or some Island flip flops. Add either of those to a cops or nurse uniform and you have completely changed the image. Try some light up shoe covers or flashing shoe laces to shake things up. Colored stockings, striped socks or garters are an easy addition to any outfit and you probably already have them at home.
  • Recycle your old costumes and mix it up

Comingling your old costumes is an inexpensive way to come up with a new costume too. Wear the top of one with the bottom of a different costume. A ghost sheet paired with cowboy jeans and boots? You'll be sure to keep them guessing as to what you are supposed to be.

  • Wear headwear in a new perspective
Once you have created your costume's new look, cap it off with some Halloween headwear or wig that is totally unexpected. Go wild. Flashing mohawk on a zombie? Mouse ears on a football player? Spinning windmill top on a doctor? Remember that the idea is to be way out in left field and that the farther from the traditional the better your costume.

If you follow just a few of these ideas, this Halloween can be one of your best and most unique costumes. And because of that effort and uniqueness, just might win you that coveted "best of show" Halloween contest or at least be the talk of the party!



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