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How to really show your patriotism this 4th of July

Posted by Mark Cohen on

If you are attending any number of 4th of July events this year it is easy to show your patriotism is a variety of ways. Whether it is a neighborhood cookout, a fireworks show or an Independence Day parade, why not show up in good old red, white and blue. There's tons of 4th of July accessories and novelties to choose from. Here's some ideas to help you display your patriotic side. 

  • Show it bravely
    You can bring small hand held American flags with you to most any Independence day events (light up American flags are even better). Tie a red, white and blue ribbon in your hair. For even more flare, 4th of July headgear like American flag top hats are flashy and patriotic and will most certainly garner attention.
  • Wear it proudly
    So what's more patriotic than just red, white and blue? Something that has those colors PLUS the American stars and strips. How about some cool flashing blinking 4th of July sunglasses? These sunglasses may be worn during the day, and then after the sun sets turn them on and put on your own sparkling display.
  • Carry it upright
    No matter what kind of 4th of July event you attend, you can easily carry some thing red, white and/or blue. Patriotic colored light sticks, lumitons and wands are perfect for picnics and parades. You can carry something that is in itself red, white and blue, or for more impact, carry just one color and have your other friends in your group carry the other two colors. When you are standing side by side in a group, together you represent our country's colors.
  • Share it with bountifully with others
    Why not bring a collection of inexpensive flashing pins to share with your friends and family. You can choose from an assortment of patriotic light up pins shaped like stars, flags, ribbons or American flags. If your whole group is wearing them, you are easily seen as a true American family.

So be a proud American this 4th of July, and show your patriotism in any number of ways. Don't be shy about it this Independence Day.

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