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How to really wig out at Mardi Gras

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Everyone knows that Mardi Gras is a crazy fun time. There are outrageous parades with participants throwing beaded necklaces, dress up balls, drinking parties and all things wild and nutty. One thing is for sure, out of this world outfits, costumes and accessories make Mardi Gras a non stop party. Nearly all the participants are dressed to impress - at the very least with bazaar and eccentric costumes. The easiest way to join in on the fun is to don a wig, but not your typical grandma's wig. It doesn't even have to technically be a hair wig. There are even lots of hair pieces like headbands and noodles/dreads. Here's some easy Mardi Gras wig ideas.

  • Color is key - and the brighter the better
Most people know that the traditional colors for Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold. So when choosing your wig, you might want to look for wigs that come in those colors. And the brighter the better. And its flashing on top of that? The best.
  • Height is might - and the higher the better
What's a better way to impress? Height. At Mardi Gras outings, it seems that everyone is trying to outdo one another. Another way to do that is to go higher and bigger. Whether it is an extra tall mohawk, a sky-high hair piece or a head full of dreads or noodles, it is easy to impress.
  • Syncronized entries - for the whole gang
Whereas creative individuality is key when attending Mardi Gras alone, there are times when dressing as a tribe of lookalikes is most apt to get you noticed. Mardi Gras parades and pub crawls are perfect for outfitting your whole gang in matching outfits and wigs. What makes a statement better than busting the scene as a group of matching maniacs? Again, the same rules as above applies but the craziness is just multiplied!

So we know that Mardi Gras is a crazy fun time. Remember that excess is key, exaggeration is paramount, and having fun is a requirement. Use these simple ideas to make it happen.

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