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How to share the New Year spirit at your get together

Posted by Mark Cohen on

After you have invited your friends to join you in your New Year's revelry, you can help start the countdown spirit in many ways. To share your spirit of welcoming the New Year, help make sure that your friends are in the spirit too. Spread good cheer by providing noisemakers, hats and drinks for the midnight hour. Here's some steps to take.

1) Dress for the New Year
If you are meeting with friends and family, a fun way to start the celebration is to wear festive apparel and hats or headwear. You could make your own New Year headbands by cutting out "Happy New Year" from any number of ads from your local paper, attach it to cardboard and glue it to those old plastic headbands you never wear any more. This could be a fun activity during your get together. Of course, if you prefer something fancier there are flashing fedoras, headbands and glasses that you can purchase. Just make sure there are enough for everyone to wear.
2) Supply the noisemakers
You can find party poppers, horns and other noisemakers at your local dollar store. Since everyone will want to have one of these, how do you carry it along with your drink for toasting? Before the get together, use your leftover Christmas curly ribbon as a lanyard for each and every noisemaker. Simply tie one end of the noisemaker and make a large loop for wearing around your neck, or a smaller loop for draping on the wrist. Problem solved.
3) Reminisce about failed resolutions?
Most people are determined each year to make a resolution and stick to it. But really, how many really follow through? A fun activity is for your guests to share their most failed resolution by providing their plan for its success but then their most hilarious failure. This can be a good icebreaker too. You might just find out something about your friends and family you never knew.
4) New Year's toast (even the kids)
First, make sure everyone has something with which to toast the New Year when it comes. It does not have to be alcohol. The kids often want to participate as well in this New Year's tradition. Sparkling water or cider will do and that means everyone present can imbibe, even the kids. They'll feel especially grown up when they can toast with the adults especially with a champagne glass.

Once all of your guests have their noisemakers and toasts in hand, get them ready for the big countdown. That's why you stayed up way past your bedtime, right? Happy New Year!

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