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How to show your support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted by Mark Cohen on

There are many ways to express your support of Breast Cancer awareness and research whether you participate in an official walk or simply wear your pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. A plain pink ribbon pinned to your lapel is the easiest and quickest way to display your support. There might be functions, however, when you really want to show your support in a more visible nature. For those times, here are some ideas for showing your support loud and clear.

  • Think Pink

Since pink is the official color of support, any item in pink is great. So "Think Pink". Wear pink clothing, or carry a light up Think Pink baton. You can lead your group of supporters with yours, or have your entire group carry them in unison. A pink squad can get a lot of attention!

  • Walk or run in pink

There's no need to tread lightly. If you are going to participate in a Breast Cancer awareness walk or run, do it with pride and make yourself seen loud and clear. Light up pink shoelaces or heel lights are perfect for night walks or runs when you don't want to have to carry something while you participate. If you have a team participating in the walk or run, everyone as a team wearing bright flashing pink will get you seen and noticed.

You have probably seen participants wearing pink wigs to show their support too. Long or short, curly or straight, pink wigs are hard to miss. Did you know that they also have light up wigs? In pink? And if full head wigs are not your thing, there are also light up pink hair noodles on a headband, hair clips and extensions. So there are lots of choices to fit your style and wear your pink!

  • Adorn your self in pink too

Attending or sponsoring a fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness and research? Get into the spirit by adorning yourself in pink. Wear a pink shirt. To really make a statement, wear light up flashing blinking pink suspenders. When fundraising, the more a crowd gets into the spirit the more involved and generous they seem to become. So be inspirational!

  • Be a survivor and share your story!

If you are a survivor you want to share it with everyone. Celebrate your life! If you are participating in fundraisers, share your story. Proclaim your victory! If you are feeling like a winner, you are. You are there because you want to help support others.

Everyone can show their support for Breast Cancer awareness and research in their own way. From wearing the traditional pink ribbon to going all out for a fundraising walk or run you can promote awareness and make a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer.

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