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How to throw a beach party themed summer evening

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Now that we are in the full swing of summer, it's time to party! Warm summer evenings are the perfect time to gather outside with family and friends, light up the bar-b-que and maybe make some margaritas. Whether you are near the beach or not, a beach party themed evening in itself is enough to envision warm tropical breezes while lying back in a comfortable lounge chair. Here's some ideas for throwing a fun tropical evening:

Prepare your island getaway locale

Gather the potted plants both large and small, and lawn chairs and set them up outside on the patio. For casual dining, a picnic table is the logical choice. Get some sunset colored table cloths from your local dollar store. Decorate the table with some of the small potted plants (or light up silk floral arrangements) for centerpieces. Small kids beach pails are great too.

Set the tone with music

Download some Hawaiian island music for your iPod. There are even Hawaiian music stations available on Pandora and other web sites. Be sure to check for "island-style" music and even Jimmy Buffet or Beach Boy albums. What says summer better than a Beach Boy song?

Choose your tropical menu

For your menu, keep it simple. Finger foods are great! Make up some lunch meat mini sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet bread buns.  If you really want to BBQ, then grill up some hot dogs but serve them up California beach style with avocado. Chips and dips are an easy choice for sides. Chilled pineapple slices on skewers are a cool way to finish up the meal.

Mix up some tropical refreshments

Your drink menu can be as easy as sodas or water in the ice chest. If you really want to chill out, fruit flavored daiquiris and margaritas (with or without alcohol) are very refreshing. (Drink umbrellas optional). If you really want to go all out, go to the internet and research for some Hawaiian beer. Some drink cups with light up glow straws are fun too.

Plan some fun simple activities

How about tossing some glowing beach balls and trying to hula hoop. Bring back childhood memories of summer nights by adding some simple fun activities. Or maybe just have a contest to see who can actually pronounce Hawaii's state fish - The Humuhumunukunukuapua`a...

So you don't have to be an islander in his cabana to appreciate a summer evening in your private beach paradise. And you won't even have to clean up the sand!

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