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How to treat your guests to a hauntingly fun Halloween party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Hosting a memorable Halloween party can be daunting, but there are lots of ways to impress your guests and keep them coming back year after year. Besides the traditional orange and black color scheme and lots of pumpkins, little details throughout your party area can make it even more impressive. Here's some suggestions for a great Halloween party!

1) Pick your favorite Halloween theme and go with it
Start planning your party by selecting your favorite Halloween theme. Is it horror films, haunted houses, or perhaps all things skeletal? Once you decide, you can use various things to keep the motif going. For old horror films, recreate old horror film posters and keep the decorations in all black and white. Haunted house themes can include lots and lots of spiders, spider webs and flickering candles or old candelabras. If skeletons are your thing, there are plenty of bony options available.

 2) Choose your own great outfit to set the tone

To set the tone of the party and get things moving, choose a terrific Halloween outfit or costume for yourself to wear. A complete costume from full head to toe, or maybe just a mask, hat, wig, or cape and glasses can be plenty depending how involved you want to be. Keep it in line with your party's theme.
3) Serve creepy cocktails
Old fashioned punch bowls with spicy orange light up ice cubes or even real ice with plastic spiders frozen into them can be a great centerpiece for your snack table. Serving Halloween themed beverages like "bloody" Mary's or neon green laboratory grog in spooky cups can be a real conversation starter. Come up with your own creative names for the different drinks you will serve.

 4) Have your party theme's Halloween costume contest

Why waste all those great costumes? With your Halloween invitation to your party, tell your guests that there will be a great prize for best original Halloween costume. Being original is the key, the costume has to be something innovative and quirky that no one has done before. Maybe a neon green beanpole man? Pick a prize that is also in line with your party's theme. For example, a full body 3D skeleton to decorate their own home.

The key to success to a party that's not soon forgotten is one that is extraordinary and lively. You don't need an Ouija board to know that!

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