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How to use a fidget spinner to Zen out

Posted by Mark Cohen on

There have been endless reports and articles about how children can use fidget spinners for ADHD and Autism for help to focus or relieve nervous energy. This fidgeting remedy has been all the rage lately. But what about its calming nature for adults? For those who haven’t handled a spinner, you might want to experiment with one (maybe while little Johnny is at school?). You can use the fidget spinner yourself to Zen out when needed and relax your mind and body. Here’s how:

1) Pick a relaxing space

Find a place that is comfortable - sitting, if possible. Whether you are out in public or at home, there is always someplace that is away from others and the hubbub of the day. Now sit and relax the body. Take a few breaths and calm your mind.

2) Hide the electronics

Electronics can be distracting whether they are on or not. Unless it is playing soothing music, remove any cellphones, laptops, etc from sight so you won’t be tempted to peek.

3) Be aware of the lighting

Be aware of the lights around you, preferably your relaxing space has natural light. Office lights, for example, can be very harsh. Try soft curtained natural light for a calming effect. Changing the sources of light from harsh to calming (like candle lights) can do wonders for the mood. Later, if you are using a light up spinner, dimmed lighting will aid with mental visualization as described below.

4) Clear your mind

For most people, simply turning off all the thoughts and buzz in the brain is almost impossible. Brain clutter can inhibit total relaxation. To calm and settle the mind, you can move to the next step.

5) Start the spinner and its affects

Hold the spinner’s center pad in one hand. Gently strike one arm of the spinner to start the spinning. Really concentrate on the spinner as it is spinning. How does it feel? Most people who use spinners are not really feeling it spin. There is a one-of-a-kind sensory feel to a spinner in motion. It spins smoothly, subtly vibrates on the fingers, and causes a calming sensation. The spin time determines how long you will feel this unique sensation (which you can extend by simply spinning it again). This state of focus can be used to calm thoughts and relax the soul.
Zen has been described as a blending of the body and mind. The calming effect of the gently spinning spinner can be used to achieve that wherever you are. You can choose to enter this emotional feeling any time you choose.

6) Now visualize it

Once you have felt a spinner, now you can really see it. Visualize what the spinning looks like. Blur your eyes if you want to. Concentrate on the images you see in the spinning circle. If you are using a light up spinner, try using the spinner with the back side up. This will create a soft muted rainbow of twirling colors. See the spinner without the distraction of your thoughts. Get lost in it.
Once you have achieved this completely relaxing state, simply let the spinner slowly come to a stop. Enjoy the feeling. Don’t just jump up and let it go. Savor the feeling for a few moments.

In conclusion:

Spinners can be used to relieve the stress of your daily routine wherever you are. So go ahead and Zen out whenever you need to and hopefully you can enter a blissful relaxing state.

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