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Innovative Christmas Lighting Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

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Without decorations, Christmas loses its magic. According to many homeowners, Yuletide decors are incomplete without the addition of lights. In fact, many townships hold competitions for the best Christmas lighting designs indoor and outdoor.

Lights for Christmas are informally called fairy lights, the Star of Bethlehem being the first Christmas light. Brightly displayed ornaments are common staples prepared for Christmas and they are used throughout the entire event. It has become customary to recycle and repurpose light strands year after year. The custom of Christmas lighting can be reflected everywhere to light and embellish Christmas trees in homes during the month of December.

Christmas lights along the way

You all loved the strings of electric lights hanging along the streets and on buildings even without the Christmas tree. In the ‘60s, a trend in holiday lighting was to trace the outline of private homes and from this vogue in the U.S., it spread throughout the world. Christmas illuminations are used to accentuate any outside decorations that the resident owner has erected for the holiday. Lights in varied and colorful Christmas lighting designs also caused an impression of falling snow or lights were used to emphasize the snow in countries that celebrate Christmas in winter.

Colors and Christmas fairies

For explosive Christmas lighting ideas, match every color with a lighting piece in your home decor. Color gurus had already announced the color themes for 2016 Fall/Winter. There was a preponderance of earth tones and exuberant pops of vibrant colors. These hues will surely bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

Latest indoor lighting trends for Christmas

  • Give way to the metallic Christmas decorations

copper fairy lights

The warm aura added to burnished metallic décor of copper, brass and bronze results to a picture of sparkling raindrops dropping from the tree. You can create a trendy and pretty embellishment by combining textured and patterned metallic ornament into geometric shapes. You can also make a softer and ethereal effect using different shapes of stars; hearts and angels. To make the most of metallic effects, use the lacework or the Moroccan fairy lights coming from mini-lantern. Add a bit of steely sparkle to compensate for the usual sparkle. Add star tree topper to complete an all holiday lighting look.

  • Make the most of Christmas tree’s natural greenery

Decoration experts advised the use of grey eucalyptus ironbark, blue-green leaves and olive tree branches including the golden mistletoe and acacia with red leaves. Spray gold with additional glitters. Pack the tree full then finish off with plain white lights to make a super-chic tree. You do not need others decorations.

  • Santa Claus Tree

Kids will love the Santa Claus tree as it honors the season’s superstar. Celebrate the season by imitating St. Nick's style. Use only red and white ornaments, including candy canes, and top the tree with his fur-trimmed hat. Add lights for sparkles.

  • Use lights in lieu of candle ornaments

Real candles give the Christmas tree an old-fashioned charm, but for safety reasons you should use electric lights at home. Decorate with all-silver ornaments.

  • Rainbow tree

You may opt for a single color scheme in your Christmas tree for this is your type. Why don’t you buy many rainbow colored decors when picking out ornaments to hang? Add colorful holiday lighting for a perfect tree.

  • Christmas center piece ideas

christmas LED tree

Christmas table centerpieces can be economical when one uses decorating materials available around the home. LED Center-pieces can be energy-efficient too. Add just a bit of sparkle and light with battery operated Christmas light or either green or white LED wire.

  1. For Christmas lighting ideas with a country theme, utilize a table centerpiece like a wooden breadbox, an ordinary tool chest, or even a log for center highlight of your table. Seated inside these containers evergreen nestle boughs, imitation birds, dried twigs, a couple of pine cones and Christmas lights.
  2. Place candles of different heights, green foliage, sophisticated Christmas bulbs, and Christmas lights on serving silver trays. This center piece will be twinkling at the center of the holiday table.
  3. Decorate bowls of varied sizes with red and white LED candles or with wire Christmas lighting can create a unique and stunning table centerpiece.

Outdoor Christmas lighting trends

Not only indoors are fairy lights important but outdoor lighting are even more essential. Here are affordable Christmas lighting tips for outdoor.

  • Strings of lights

LED light strand for Christmas

The spirit for holiday lighting scheme is embodied by strands of lights attached to edges & shingles of the roof, as well as gutters. There are around 25 bulbs hanging from the lighting strings; however, it could be as many as 200. Lighting clips make installation easy and are designed to work without poking holes in roofing or trim. Choose lighting clips based on the size of the bulbs.

  • Advantage of LED lights

LEDs are long-lasting compared with other inexpensive lights; the price differential is erased after two to three years of use. Conservationists recommend LEDS in lieu of incandescent variety for the energy-efficiency, long-lasting and brightness. So LEDS are the best option for your string of lights.

  • Bulbs are in fashion

Fashion swings back Christmas light bulbs. They are available as incandescent and LEDs and in all sizes and shapes. You can purchase mini lights that appear as small candles having pointed tips. They measure about ¼” x 5/8”. The traditional Christmas tree light bulb is 3/4 inch in diameter and 1 1/8 inches tall.

  • Wrap foliage with Christmas lights

Consider wrapping foliage is an easy decorating ideas. And the result can be breathtaking. Multiple outlets, timer and overall power requirements will need to be a consideration when wrapping.

Every year can bring new seasonal lighting designs that are eagerly anticipated by home lovers to enhance the beauty of their residences indoor and outdoor. Visit us again from more updates on latest trends for a more joyful Holiday celebration!

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