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Inspiring things to put in Easter eggs this year

Posted by Mark Cohen on

If you want to get uniquely creative this year for your Easter baskets, then read on. Besides chocolate bunnies and robin's egg candy, there are lots of things you can use to stuff those plastic Easter eggs for your one-of-a kind Easter egg hunt. Let your imagination be your guide. If it's a small group, and you know the participants, then you'll know their interests and hobbies. Personalized items within the Easter eggs make the hunt that much more fun, and later will make the "reveal" that much more enjoyable for each person.

    1. Get some plastic eggs to fill
      Go to your local dollar store and get various sizes of the plastic Easter eggs. Since you can purchase these in various sizes, you don't have to worry so much about searching for items that fit in a certain size eggs. And since the plastic eggs are reusable, you can store them and use them year after year.

       2. For the spiritual, use religious items

       For those for whom Easter is a more religious day, you can place crosses  pendants or necklaces in the eggs. Slips of paper with scripture readings can be revealed later.
      3. For the youngest set of kids, Easter animals
      Traditional Easter animals like chicks and ducks are always a sure bet for kids. Whether it's a miniature stuffed animal, a plastic ducky or soft jelly animal rings kids love Easter animals and they're so much easier to care for than the real thing. If you get an assortment of different animal toys or rings, then you can mix and match so that every child get a different one.
      4. For the older children and teenagers, it's Springtime jewelry
      Springtime means flowers, butterflies and other fresh blooming things. Butterfly pendants or barrettes would be perfect for the girls. Even multicolored flower rings in lovely pastels would be great choice for Spring.

      For the boys, there are always glow sticks. If you want, there are glow sticks with "Happy Easter" or in solid colors. Glow sticks would be a fun addition to any nighttime Easter activities you have planned.

      5. For the young adults, light up wands and batons
      Depending on the size eggs you bought, small batons and wands might be fun for your young adults. A daisy light up wand, fiber optic butterfly wand, or even a spinning Easter egg would be an unexpected treat.

      No matter how you celebrate Easter, if there is going to be an egg hunt there's no reason you cannot be creative and customize eggs for each person.

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