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Introducing our new super compact foldable Scooty Scoot electric scooter

Posted by Mark Cohen on


Sometimes the best things come in small packages. That's the case with our new super compact Scooty Scoot electric scooter! This one piece foldable scooter goes from folded to finished and ready to ride in minutes! It's so compact it can be transported in the front seat of a car. The scooter is perfect for getting around school campuses, the beach, parks, bike lanes, and campgrounds - anywhere you want to scoot along!

The Scooty Scoot is comfortable and safe. Let's get ready.

  • Unfold it

Simply unfold the scooter's handle bar and seat section from the base of the scooter, fasten the clips and it's ready to go! Pull up and clip the handle bar and foot pedals.

  • Charge it up

Use the charging dock to power up the scooter and get ready to ride.

  • Ride it

Hop on and get ready to enjoy the ride. If desired, attach your favorite music via USB and go!

 The Scooty Scoot is a convenient and fun way to get around. Check out our new Scooty Scoot and see if you agree!


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