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It's easy being uniquely green this St Patrick's Day!

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Going out to celebrate St Patrick's Day? Flashing, blinking or glowing Irish green is bound to get to you noticed wherever you go! There are green glow sticks, wands and jewelry to help celebrate St Patrick's Day. Hats and head wear, and sunglasses too, there's no reason not to show up with at least one item of green.  Definitely share fun and easy-to-wear greenery with your friends and family when meeting up for your pub crawl or night out! Here are tons of green options but with a unique twist:

      The traditional green leprechaun hat might be OK for some, but maybe try something totally different this year. Instead of a common green beanie or ball cap, try a sparkling tiara with a flashing shamrock. Or maybe an oversized green and white sparkling bow, or a St Patrick's Day flashing green shamrock fedora.
          • Wear or carry glow items
              You can easily slip on a St Patrick's Day green glow stick on a lanyard or a fun green light up whistle. To light the way and stay safe, maybe a green whistle safety stick which combines a light wand, flashlight and safety whistle all in one? You can wear the green and really be heard loud and clear.
              • Put on a non-traditional green necklace

              Most people will just throw on a green bead necklace for their "green." Why look like every other party-goer? Break tradition with a green feather necklace that's flashing, fuzzy and fun. If you are more the goth type, maybe a bright flashing light up green spiked choker. Of course, if office attire is your thing then a tie with green in it will do.

              • Wear unusual shaped green sunglasses

              One of the easiest things to throw on is a pair of sunglasses. But why be normal when you can wear out of this world unique light up sunglasses like EL wire, cat eye, spiral shaped, and shutter shades. Unusual shapes and sizes, glowing and flashing green colored sunglasses are a great way to wear green but really stand out in the crowd. For sure, you don't have to wear the same old thing as everyone else.

              However you decide to don the green, you can certainly be a one-of-a-kind green participant by using any of these ideas to get into the spirit and join the party!

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