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3 Lit Up Nightlife Cities for a Summer Trip

Posted by Luke Bowen on

If you’re a night owl, and looking for a good time in the night time hours for your next summer vacation, we have compiled a list of locations that never sleep and are sure to keep entertainment going all night long. 

New York City

New York City

New York City is an enormous place in population, architecture and entertainment. The night life there can alway span until the sun breaks the horizon the next day. Not only can you go out and sightsee throughout the night but many location provided music, comedy, dance and cabaret entertainment until 3:30 or 4am the following morning. A number of location don't even have typical closing hours and will run through the night until the crowd dissipates or the manager announces "Last Call". The Central Park, Time Square and Bleecker Street are fun locations to venture out into at the late hours to see what sort of people watching and spontaneous activities are happening. A "Yelp" search for the term "Comedy Club" in New York City alone produces over 200 reviewed results. And you'll never have a shortage of live performances and broadway events to satiate oneself. The "Gazillion Bubble Show" for example is just one example of an off-broadway live-performance that brings unexpected entertainment with lights, techno and laser effects...oh, and bubbles. The city itself really never sleeps and is always full of fun things to lock it in as our top spot for fun, night time entertainment.

Las Vegas

las vegas strip

Las Vegas is another city that thrives on always being in "go" mode. It’s full of casinos, clubs and big shows to satiate the constant flow of people that come and go constantly. The MGM Grand is widely considered at the top of many party-goers lists as the preferred destination. They have an Ultra Pool open until 10:30 at night and then a restaurant and night club called Hakkasan which pulls in world-famous chefs and DJs to blast house music while enjoying great drinks and cuisine until 4am. And when the thrill of any one location runs out, taking a two minute walk outside will place you at another casino with a whole new range of clubs, table games and amenities. Sight seeing on the strip alone is a neon-show in-and-of itself. However, be aware of the heat. A hat and a cool beverage are essential to enjoying the dry desert climate.



Another city of great clubs, fantastic restaurants and beautiful skylines is Miami, Florida. There is always something to do no matter how late in the evening. South Beach is most likely the preferred destination for clubs, restaurants, museums and water activities to keep everything interesting.  From 1st Street to 40th Street offer the more amazing options the city has packed into one small area. Trending establishments like Blu Gin, Bleau Bar, or Drinkhouse Fire & Ice bring great lighting effects as a part of the amusement and establishment's ambiance.

So for your next summer trip, you cannot go wrong with Miami, Las Vegas or New York City as the ultimate adventure full of nightlife and great scenes. If you need to stock up on any fun, summer gadgetry to bring night-lights with you, checkout our store.

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