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"Not your husband's Superbowl Party" - How the spouses can have some fun

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Most of us have a special someone who lives for that extra special holy grail day of the year, Superbowl Sunday. For those that have sports partners that also consider this THE day of the year, that's great. For those football enthusiasts, whose main goal is to meet, eat and score, simply decorate for a football party, set em up with the ice cooler and snacks, warm up the wide screen TV, and exit stage right. What's the better half to do? Let see some ideas for those companions who would rather poke themselves with a sharp stick than sit for hours watching a football game.

  • Set up a separate room just for the non-jocks
Pick a room with lots of space and decorate it with all non sports decorations. Maybe all pink items for the women? Decorate it with girly items like flowers and garlands lit with string lights. Just make sure it is in complete contrast to the main party area.
  • Set out some not-so-caveman appetizers and snacks

When is the last time that someone you know has served finger sandwiches and canapes, beside Martha Stewart? Something besides sausages on a toothpick and chicken wings? Now is the time to prepare and serve something really different, something that the players in the next room would not touch with a 10 foot pole.

  • Plan some non-sportsman activities
Plan a couple of fun activities just for the ladies, like a nail painting party with glow in the dark pink nail polish, or applying  pink glow finger nails. Get some inexpensive makeup from the dollar store and have an impromptu make up session. Either of these activities will eat up the time and make the afternoon go by so much faster.
  • Plan on some very light activity during the game
Go outside, if possible, for a short walk. Simply tossing a blow up ball inside the house would help to relax you and lessen the discomfort of sitting in one place for half a day. Remember that it is not a physical competition, it is simply to break up the hours.
  • Have your own unique mental agility competition of some kind

If you know some of the guests, and have some ideas of their interests, make up some quizzes and puzzles in their area of expertise or go online to find some simple games to keep your mind occupied. Find games for anything but football trivia.

So for those of us that can't wait for Superbowl Sunday, the countdown is on. For the rest - well - maybe your party host will show compassion and plan ahead with some brilliant alternatives to the televised game on the big screen.

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