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Put on your own red, white and blue candidate party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

With the election right around the corner, you can host your own red, white and blue party without even announcing your candidate choice. Whether it's to get together to watch the debates or simply have an election time gathering, setting the tone is easy with these nonpartison middle of the political road red, white and blue ideas.

1) Surround the venue with Patriotic colors

Start with an American flag plastic door covering. To create a patriotic mode once your guests arrive, get some festive red, white and blue balloons either plain colored or printed with our American flag or fireworks. Place groups of balloons in the corners of the room or string them together across a door or banister. Hang some red, white and blue printed material in drape fashion along the tops of the windows. Patriotic flag bunting fabric decorations are great to cover larger areas.
2) Dress the host as Uncle Sam
If he is up for it, dress your host as Uncle Sam. And did you know that there is a long forgotten female figure as well? The character called Columbia was one of the earliest known personifications of American liberty, complete with a red, white and blue outfit and cap. So there no excuse for a woman to not represent our country.
3) Pass out American stickers, pins or necklaces
Get into the political spirit by passing out flag stickers that can be attached to their drink cups. Pass out patriotic pins or necklaces that your guests can wear. This is a super easy way to get your guests motivated.

 4) Create a list of real or fictional campaign slogans

To get the party started, create a list of both real and fictional campaign slogans. Pass out copies of your list and have pens and pencils ready. Have your guests give it their best shot as to guessing which is right. Have a prize to present to the guest with the most correct answers.

5) Make up your own campaign slogan from book titles or name of a song

Let your guests have a hysterical time brainstorming to come up with a fictional campaign slogan for the candidates matching a book title or name of a song. The wilder the better of course. At the end of the evening have your guest present their slogans in their best impersonations of the candidate.

In conclusion, gather your friends no matter what their affiliation to simply celebrate pride in America. You don't have to pick a side, just be open to some amusing antics with your guests.


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