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Springtime - Blooming out all over, bring it in!

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Springtime brings to mind a lot of things - fresh flowing creeks, baby animals and flowers and trees starting to green up and bloom. Just take a walk outside to enjoy the sunshine which seems to be a little more like a nice warming hug after months of cold and wind. Easter is just around the corner, springtime events are popping up and plants are starting to blossom. Perhaps you are the type to celebrate this welcoming time of year. You can definitely bring Spring inside to enjoy.

  • Daffodils and tulips - Springtime's ambassadors
    Nothing says Spring like daffodils and tulips. The cheery yellow of a daffodil and the pastels of Tulips are the epitome of a season of rebirth and growth. You can pick up small bunch bouquets of these flowers at the florist. And you don't need a lot either. Just as in the wild, daffodils and tulips pop up in places you are not expecting so a few stems in a small vase here and there mimics their natural occurrence in the world. They are sure to bring a smile.
  • Bouquets of delight
    To say Springtime loud clear, super bouquets announce themselves with loud color and volume. Masses of rainbow colors and greenery in an unusual vase are a great way to liven up your home or office and shake away the doldrums of Winter. If live flowers are not an option for you, silk flowers or light up fiber optic flowers are great since they last forever.
  • Wear your Springtime flowers
    If placing flowers around is not possible for you, you can always wear your flowers. Spring is the perfect time for cute little floral dresses and sandals, and flowery jewelry. Whether it's earrings and a pendant, or barrettes and headband, you can get into the Springtime fashion in many ways. Floral headbands and wreaths are very "in" this year.
  • Hang up garlands and string up your flowers
    You can even drape garlands of greenery and flowers to bring Spring inside. Hobby shops carry many different types of garlands with both flowers and greenery. Or, if you prefer, you can hang up floral string lights in a myriad of colors and shapes. Floral-themed string lights let you enjoy nighttime Spring too.
Who knew that there are so many different ways to welcome Spring. So invite it in, and enjoy the refreshing and pleasant blooms of Spring no matter where you are!

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