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How to keep Summer fun in motion

Posted by Mark Cohen on

There are many ways to keep Summer in motion at dance parties, raves, festivals, outdoor concerts, food fairs and night runs. Motion activated items like bracelets and wristbands flash as you move, and flashing blinking pins and patches make you that more visible. Every time you move you can have blinking flashing fun right at your fingertips. Safety at night is also easier with blinking LED bracelets and light up wristbands and other flashing accessories.

Here are a few ways to keep your Summer in motion:

1) Wear a flashing patch/pin for safety

To make yourself even more visible at night, wearing bright neon clothing and attaching a flashing patch or pin can help others easily see you. Whether you are just out for an evening stroll or if you are a serious long distance runner, visibility is key when you are on the road. Bright LED flashing lights can be a big help.

2) Stand out in the crowd by wearing something distinctive and easy to spot

We have all been to Summer functions like festivals where there are lots of crowds. It is often difficult to locate your friends and family when there are so many people around. Wearing a distinctive item, like T-shirts with the same logo or color, or all wearing a flashing blinking necklace for example can make it so much easier to locate your group.

3) Put on the appropriate hat for the occasion

Fun hats, especially light up ones, are a great way to celebrate the function you are attending. Cowboy hats for the rodeo, baseball caps at the ballpark, or even a crown tiara headband for a wedding shower. Even if you just want to make a statement and really stand out you can wear a loud colored wig or a wild accessory like light up hair noodles.

 4) Go crazy for your favorite team

As the football season get nearer, you can show your support of your favorite team. Some people just wear their team's colors or even a full sports team jersey. However you show your support and whichever team is your favorite, say it loud and strong wherever you go. If there is a group of fans attending any function, matching items are always a way to band together.

So to keep the Summer fun going at any function, remember to keep it fun. From funky spike bracelets at a concert, to hats and jerseys at a street fair or ballgame, there are many ways to stand out, make a statement and express yourself this Summer. Keep your Summer going strong with these fun ideas.

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