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Terrific ideas for one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving centerpieces

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Your traditional Thanksgiving table has probably always had candlesticks and a floral arrangement. This year it's time to try something new and different. Of course, your beautifully browned bird will likely take all the attention once you present it to the table but why not use some of these creative ideas to help you set a memorable table this year.

1) Lower the lights and set off the fiber optics

For a highly unusual centerpiece, a multicolored fiber optic centerpiece makes quite a statement. They come in different shapes and sizes, and can be set to light up and morph through a rainbow of colors. For a spectacular evening dinner table, the ever changing fiber optic colors reflect the energetic and probably entertaining conversations throughout your gathering of family and relatives.

2) Set candles afloat in a cool watery centerpiece bowl

Instead of regular taper candles, try setting some floating light up LED candles in a large crystal bowl. These types of candles can be water activated, flickering and cast a warm glow across the table. Clear water can be used, or if you want to create a really interesting light you could use colored water in your choice of colors. If you are sticking with traditional Thanksgiving colors use Fall colors, or go with your own color scheme.
3) Submerge light ups in a vase
Instead of regular live floral arrangements, you might want to explore using submersible lights for a large centerpiece or smaller personal place setting jars or bud vases. A tall oversized glass vase looks spectacular when lit up from within. If you are having a formal dinner where there are individual place settings, then smaller bud vases or mason jars could be used depending on how formal your party is.
4) Or maybe submersibles in a bowl...
Along the line of the floating candles mentioned above, perhaps a bowl full of colored light up submersibles could be used. Submersible lights can be used for a mood lighting effect - from powerfully glowing in a group submerged in a large bowl to singles or duos for a splash of color. Whichever you choose, you can immerse your dinner table in glimmering color.

It's your turn this year to decide how you want to set the mood of your Thanksgiving table. Maybe you want it to be soft and glowing, or maybe you want to buck tradition and start your own unconventional yearly get together. So let your table radiate with a soft glow, or sparkle brightly depending on the mood you are trying to create.


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