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Throwing A Killer Party this Summer on a Tight Budget

Posted by Dharini Gandhi on

It's summer and that means lots of summer parties and BBQs. Having a great time outside with family and friends can run some high prices but if you are going to stay in budget, you are going to need to find ways to stretch a dollar. Here are some ways you can accomplish that and still rock a great summer bash.

summer beverage

  1. Have a ‘Wow’ Moment

Rather than spend a ton of money on details everywhere, create a single feature or moment  that really kicks things up a notch. That can be -

  • a terrific snack everyone will love like fondue or kabobs
  • a nice and fruity margarita mix
  • a great game for adults and kids like a trivia contest, water balloon toss or scavenger hunt
  • a light show after dark

Having a 'wow' moment folks don't see often will shine through where other efforts were minimal.

patriotic balloons

  1. Decorate in Multiples

Decorating in multiples can make any party incredible and still be budget-friendly. Focusing on hanging lights from the ceiling or making bright and impressive centerpieces will often give you lots of mileage.

  1. Be a host

The ultimate goal of your party should be to give a great experience for your guests and not just have great decor or food. Put a little time into your guest list and then some face-time when they arrive is going to help eliminate stilted moments and awkwardness while not leaving anyone by their lonesome. When making the guest list,.

  • Invite only a few so you can focus on them and deliver a great experience for them.
  • Think of common grounds your guests have so they can engage with one another and not stare at their drink the whole time.
  • Make sure clutter is out of the way so safety can help others feel comfortable.
  • Smile, laugh, talk, the usual stuff goes a long way.
  • Collect any keys from those that enjoyed themselves a little too much.
eating outside
  1. Pot luck the Food and Sides

Nothing wrong with tasking out to your RSVP'd guests to bring a small item so everyone has different foods to knosh on. Large grocery expenses can often make summer bashes cost prohibitive. Involving you guests moreso can cut down on the expenses incurred so you can put more into party favors or decorations.

When the fun gets underway, you'll see the expense was well worth it and that there was much more that could be tested out for subsequent events and gatherings.  Summer is here so get started planning.

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