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Tips for a terrific Summer night pool or beach party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Nothing says summer like a pool or beach party. Friends cooling off splashing in the water, lounging on the shore or by the pool, and sharing an evening just enjoying the evening breeze. As the end of summer approaches, it's easy to plan a swell party at the pool or beach. Offer delicious eats and drinks, and some water or poolside fun and games that are sure to please.

  • Make is safe with floating devices

For those that do not swim, inflatable swim rings or pool mats, or pool noodles are great for enjoying the water while just floating around. Since you are planning a night party, light up noodles are perfect for supplying safety but mixed in with a bit of fun. Light up waterproof pool noodles are highly visible so you can easily keep an eye out on your non-swimmer guests.

  • Plan some in-water games

To keep everyone cool, plan some games that can be done in the water. Remember playing Marco Polo in the pool as a kid? Well, adults can act like kids again with a simple game of Marco Polo with some splashing thrown in. Waterproof pool balls can be used as "bases" in the water. Sharks and Minnows anyone?

  • Lead some poolside or beach sand volley ball games

For those that really aren't into the water scene, you can still get your guests involved with a friendly game of volley ball beach-ball style. Simply blow up a child's beach ball from the dollar store similar to those tossed around at the baseball stadium. If you really want to make things interesting, dim the lights and play beach volley ball with a light up beach ball in a rainbow of colors.

  • Cool off with a water fight

Let your guests feel like a kid again with a bona fide water fight. Supply water pistols from the dollar store, or water cannons for more splash. Take your party to the next level with LED water gun pool toy blasters. You might have an in-pool game with water pistols to see how much water in the least amount of time can be shot into a plastic beer cup. Simple, but cool and fun.

Light up your summer night pool or beach parties with summer lights and cool water toys for a refreshing and exciting time with friends and family! So make a splash by hosting a fun summer evening.

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