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Tips for back to school in cool fun style

Posted by Mark Cohen on

It's that time of year again - back to school! Most kids certainly do not look forward to returning to school after a relaxing summer vacation. The thought of books, classes and the coming school year can fill some with dread. Maybe it's time to help kids get excited about returning to school instead of dreading it. Time for some creative inspiration to get kids inspired!

  • Make school supplies cool and fun
Part of the return to classes and back to school is stocking up on notebooks, paper and pens. While some classes require a standard color spiral notebook or three ring binder, others allow students to go a bit wild and get crazy neon colors to fit their own style. And who says that the pencils and pens can't be fun too. There are pens that have attachment clips to snap right on a book backpack so you don't have to worry about losing them.
  • Be ready to show your pride in your school's team or club
Whether it is sports or being in the school's band, show pride in your team or club by letting others know your involvement. Wearing your school's team colors to school or wearing a simple sports pin with a football, basketball or soccer ball on it lets others know you are proud of your school's team.  Debate team, chess club or marching band? Some musical note pins worn proudly announce membership in a school band.
  • Prepare for the first school pep rally
Start preparing your student now for the first pep rally of the year. Involvement in school activities and showing support for your school is a big part of getting ramped up for the coming year. Pep rallies are an essential part of a school's criteria to help students get excited about their school. Pom poms, light up school color batons and giant foam fingers can all be used to get that spirit started.
    • Be seen, be heard and be prepared for anything!
      Students nowadays can be in school at any hour of the day. So safety as a student is a number one concern. If you are walking to school or home again in the dark, be sure that you can be seen. Whether it is bright neon clothing or a blinking flasher, make sure others can see you. Carry a flashlight. Always carry your cell phone with you, and having a whistle on you can always be heard if something happens. There are even bright safety light wands on a lanyard with a whistle and a flashlight built right in.

      So create an air of fashion style and fun to remedy the dreaded "back to school" end of summer feeling. Bright colors, flashing lights, supporting the team or club. The idea is for return to school to be fun and safe.

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