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Tips for having a Fidget Spinner Bedazzle party

Posted by Mark Cohen on

Now that the kids (or you) have mastered the fine art of fidget spinning and learned all the tips for performing tricks, it's time to up the ante. Perhaps hosting a fidget spinner bedazzle party is just the thing. You can further impress your crowd with spinners that are unlike anyone else because you have customized them. Even the most humble of spinners can be enhanced to really make a statement and stand out. Here's some ideas for having a party for embellishing spinners and showcasing them.

    1) Gather the spinners
      If you don't have some plain simple spinners, they are sold most everywhere now. Solid colored inexpensive tri-spinners are perfect candidates for the bedazzle process. Choose your favorites from your own collection that you want to use, or have your friends bring their own.


        2) Choose how you want to bedazzle your spinner

          There's several things that can be used to enhance a spinner. Just remember that you will be working on just one side since you don't want to interfere with its spinning functionality in the hand. Also, make sure that your enhancements are even and balanced on each arm so that the spinner will still spin nicely. Some ideas:

          • If you are fairly artistic, paint, Glow paint or glow fingernail polish (yes, there is such a thing) can be used to make free-style designs and figures on spinners. Glow fingernail polish and glow paint will glow as soon as you turn off the lights. Note that glow paint is safe ON guests too.

          • For more free-hand art (that can be used with black lights), black light markers and pens appear bright and neon in daylight, but start glowing under any black light or ultraviolet light.
          • If you are not into free-hand drawing, you can adhere stick-on jewels/diamonds, etc on the spinners (or hot glue them if they are not already adhesive). Small glow stickers, holographic print or kaleidoscope stickers are great too.


          • How about glue and glitter? For those who really like to pile on the glitz, use spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter on the spinner.
          • Themed spinners? You could decide that the spinners will have a theme and choose pirate stickers or Halloween glow stickers.
          3) Step it up and use a light up spinner
            Once you have bedazzled a few plain spinners with one or more of the ideas above, you can kick it up a notch and choose a light up spinner to amp up.


            4) Choose a method to make 'em shine and start the display party

            Now your glitzy spinners are ready to shine! There's several things that can be used to highlight the spinners and start the party:

            • Black light: enhance and show off the spinner glow colors.
            • Disco ball plugin: start the shimmer and light. A disco light set that contains mirror ball, spotlight and motor can be used to reflect jewel's facets around the room.
            • Laser lights and fixtures:  project lights and figures onto the spinners (like the laser lights used at Christmas for an animated light show). A mini-laser projector is great for an LED light show.

             5) Start the flashing

            It's time to brandish the new spinners, show off your skills and display your unique creations. You might think of some new ways to use the unusual lighting to really party!

            So let your newly enhanced spinners reflect the light within you to shimmer and shine. Not only are you the most talented with the new spinner, but it’s likely to be the best looking too.

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